Addressing All of Your E-Bike’s Mechanical and Electrical Needs

Welcome to JRod eBikes, LLC., your premier destination for e-bike rentals, service, and maintenance. We understand the importance of a smooth and efficient ride, and that's why we offer top-tier bike & e-bike repairs at unbeatable prices.

Service Price Info
Basic e Bike Services
Battery Inspection and Cleaning$30Each
E-bike Diagnostic Check$30Each
E-bike Tune-up (adjustments, cleaning, lubrication)$120Each
Standard e Bike Services
Battery Replacement (battery cost not included)$50Each
Brake System Adjustment$40Each
E-bike Motor Calibration$50Each
Fork Install (parts cost not included)$100Each
Flat Tire Repair (includes tube cost)$80Each
Gear System Adjustment$40Each
Advanced e Bike Services
Cassette Replacement (parts cost not included)$75Each
Chain Replacement (parts cost not included)$60Each
Controller Replacement (controller cost not included)$80Each
Derailer Install (parts cost not included)$60Each
Electrical Troubleshooting$90Per Hour
Fork Install (parts cost not included)$100Each
Hydraulic Brake Bleed$45Each
Hydraulic Brake Replacement$100Each
Motor Replacement (motor cost not included)$100Each
Shift Pod Install (parts cost not included)$50Each
Sprocket Replacement (parts cost not included)$75Each
Throttle or Display Unit Replacement$80Each

Addressing All of Your Bike’s Mechanical Needs

Service Price Info
Basic Bike Services
Brake Adjustment(Inner Front or Rear)$15Each
Chain Lubrications$10Each
Gear Adjustments$15Each
Tire Inflation & Inspections$5Each
Standard Bike Services
Bottom Bracket Service$30Each
Brake Pad Replacement (includes pads$75Each
Gear Cable Replacement (includes cable)$40Each
Tube Replacement (includes tube cost)$75Each
Wheel Truing$30Each
Advanced Bike Services
Complete Bike Tune-up (adjustments, cleaning, lubrication)$120Each
Complete Drive Train Cleaning and Lubrication$80Each
Headset Overhaul$40Each
Wheel Bearing Overhaul$40Each

Additional Services

Service Price Info
Bike Assembly (for new bikes)$50Each
Bike Box Packing for Travel$60Each
Bike Fitting (fitting adjustments)$50Each
E-bike Conversion Kit Installation$120Each
E-bike System Upgrade (upgrading motor, battery, or controller)Price varies based on components
Custom E-bike BuildPrice varies based on components and labor